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Thanks to the developed Gap Cotton Portal application, users registered in the system will encounter many innovations and advanced applications. The interface structure, which can be arranged according to the user, the statistical and report structure which can be changed and created dynamically, advanced communication and notification systems, will be very comfortable for the users. In addition, (Multi Language) The platform developed in the multilingual structure provides national and international accessibility.

The mobile taking sample  and bar coding set, which is produced by machines and equipment below, will be distributed free of charge by the companies under seasonal contract.

  1. – Sampling Knife (3 pieces)
  2. – Barcode Printer
  3. – Baler Weighing Scales
  4. – Precision Scales



                  Bale registration

  • Creation of balls according to lot number and simultaneous multi-bale recording
  • Balebrake build and Stamp Label printing
  • Barcode creation and registration
  • Creation and printing of Bale Labels
  • Bale Control approval and Control Label Printing
  • Sales transactions and follow-up
  • Detailed query and filtering

                  Sample Registration

  • Automatic manual sample recording
  • Define laboratory operations on the sample and create laboratory service requests    
  • Sample Laboratory transfer and follow-up process
  • Displaying, publishing results
  • Detailed query and filtering
  • Witness sample and more than one sample can be recorded      

                 Sample Collection

The samples entered via Web Portal are instantly dropped on the screen of the Sample Collector teams and the samples are transferred to the Laboratory Center as soon as possible.

In addition to the existing content, the following information must also be added

The following fiber physical properties are tested in the cotton fiber analysis laboratory. We have 5 Uster HVI M 1000 (High Voltage Instrument), 5 Nep Tester MN100 and 1 Uster Afıs Pro in our laboratory.The machines are regularly checked through the calibration every day.According to TSE 4102 cotton standard, our laboratory operates at 65 ± 2% relative humidity and 21 ° C ± 1 temperature conditions.Laboratory environmental conditions are regularly measured and recorded.

ICA accreditation and ISO 17025 general management system are also applied in our laboratory.The moisture content of the cotton sample is between 6.75-8.25, and the samples are subjected to conditioning before being analyzed. Our laboratory also includes the ICA Bremen Cotton Round Test Control system.


  • Spinning Consistency Index (SCI)
  • Micronaire (Mic)
  • Maturity  (Mat)
  • Upper Half Mean Lenght (Len)
  • Uniformty Index (Unf)
  • Short Fiber (SFI)
  • Strength (Str)
  • Elongation (Elg)
  • Moisture (Rutubet)
  • Reflectance (Rd)
  • Yellowness (+b)
  • Color Grade (C Grade)
  • Trash Count (Tr Cnt)
  • Trash Area (Tr Area)
  • Trash (Leaf Grade) (Tr Grade)
  • Neps

               Marketing and Web Publishing

  1. The appearance of the balls opened by the gin business  
  2. Monitoring and comparison of Bale Laboratory results
  3. Detailed query and filtering
  4. Advanced reporting and statistics
  5. Messaging and Notification systems
  6. Sale of balls that are sold and open for sale


               Reporting and statistics            

  1. Advanced Reports and Statistics access                                                         
  2. To be able to prepare all reports and statistics for the user
  3. Ability to download and share report results
  4. Advanced report designer



               Message Notification Systems

  1. Instant messaging and user tracking                                    
  2. Declaration of many activities defined on the system as a notification, for example the emergence of lab results, ie bale registration, etc.
  3. Mail and site warning systems




  1. Preparing a business plan                                                                   
  2. Displaying what to do daily
  3. to be able to follow forward and backward work





  1. Assign tasks and tasks to the user                                                 
  2. Task follow-up and conclusion
  3. To be able to follow forward and backward tasks



              Management Definitions And Authorities

  1. System general definitions and system management settings       
  2. User definitions, classification and authorization
  3. Company descriptions, company users and their classification
  4. Authorization definitions and grouping and assignments
  5. Establishment of laboratory test definitions and transaction packages
  6. Parameter definitions

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