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The Southeast Anatolia Region, which has a great agricultural potential, was established in 1962 in Diyarbakir with the Ministry of Agriculture dated 20.06.1962 for the purpose of solving the development and agricultural problems.

As the Directorate of the Regional Agricultural Research Institute, in 1963, in the buildings of the Technical Directorate of Agriculture, in 1964, it was operating in rental buildings in the city center. In 1974 it was moved to the present campus.

Originally affiliated to the General Directorate of Agricultural Affairs, it was later linked to the General Directorate of Agricultural Researches. Then, the list of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock dated 03.06.2011 and numbered 639 on the Organization and Duties of the Decree was taken to the status of the Central Institute of the Directorate and GAP International Agricultural Research and Training Center it is made.

Our vision

By creating a model research and education organization in the field of agriculture in the international arena, raising the living standards of the rural inhabitants, increasing the welfare, contributing to the elimination of global and regional development differences.

Our mission

To build a bridge between developed and developing countries’ Agricultural AR_GE systems, to ensure more efficient, equitable use and preservation of Natural Resources, to increase agricultural production and income through Research and Cooperation projects, to produce and transfer up-to-date technologies and to contribute to capacity building. It is to be an example to other countries in the region to reduce the effects of Global Warming through the activities it will undertake.

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